How do I get free legal advice from the DMU Legal Advice Centre?


If you would like to book an appointment at the Centre, fill in our booking form. Just let us know your name, contact details and a little about why you would like to book an interview, then we’ll email you about whether the Centre can offer you an appointment. In the event that the Centre cannot offer you an appointment, we’ll always try to direct you other organisations that may be able to help you further.


Who will interview me?


You will be interviewed by one of the Centre’s firms. These firms are made up of two or three 3rd year DMU Law students who will speak to you about your legal enquiry and, if required, send you a letter containing legal advice pertaining your enquiry. No advice will be provided at the time of the interview. During the interview, a member of the Centre’s staff will be on hand for consultation and support, though they do not normally take part in the interview.


How quickly will I receive legal advice?


Should your enquiry require legal advice from the Centre, a letter will be sent to you within two weeks (10 working days). Exceptionally, the period between the interview date and the production of the final draft of the advice letter may exceed two weeks. In such cases the client will be advised of the delay by letter.


Can the Centre represent me in legal proceedings?


The Centre only provides legal advice to clients and does not represent any clients in legal proceedings.